I'm the lucky husband of Michelle and father to Finn and Eliza Jane. We’re based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and loving it.

I've spent my life around music; the son of two wonderful Church musicians growing up in Virginia. Music is a part of me and I have been interested in the production, composition, recording, and performing of it since I was 10. I've applied myself to those disciplines as much as possible. After school I found software engineering a steady way to earn a living, support a family, and keep financial burdens off my musical endeavors. But there's a lot of crossover. So depending on why you're here, you may be wondering what I can do for you. If it involves music, let's talk. If it involves web technologies, let's talk. It's my joy to excel in both disciplines for your creative success. I'm ecstatic when your idea comes to life in a beautiful way and I've been blessed to have a hand in it.